Dorea Asylum
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Location Name Dorea Asylum
Location Franklin, Quebec, Canada
Category Insane Asylum
Built Unknown
Operating Time ? - 1995
Type Not Kirkbride Plan
Status Closed

Dorea Asylum (also known as the Dorea Insane Asylum) opened in Franklin, Quebec, Canada.



The Dorea Asylum lies only 600 feet from the border leading into the United States of America. According to one of the former patients of the hospital, the asylum contained an electric chair that was used to execute patients who were "uncontrolable" . The same patients also said that there were a number of tunnels that possibly led into the US near Lake Placid (however, this is thought to just be a myth since no one has actually seen the tunnels since). Dr. Ewan Cameron (possibly called "Ewen Cameron"), who lived near Lake Placid, was notorious for his Nazi-like experimentation on patients by testing new drugs and procedures on the innocent and often helpless. Despite they didn't have any mental illness, orphans were forced to live in the institution. Dorea, however, was not the only asylum to do this, and it is believed many others did this as well.


Dorea joined the list of the many defunct asylums that is attached ot many mysteries involving the cruel and abusive treatment towards its patients. In the world of Dr. Cameron, it is believed that he himself was mentally ill, most likely a psychopath. Cameron worked on lobotomis and is rumored to have dabbled in mind control exprimentation. Despite being synonymous with Dorea, there are theories that Cameron never worked at the hospital. Unlike most asylums and orphanages that closed in the 1990s, they have been left as "time capsules" of the past, often having all of the original furniture and supplies since they closed, Dorea was one of the few asylums to be emptied of all its contents. There are a total of four buildings that are associated with Doea Asylum located in the hidden part of the forest (there are fifteen buildings with it). There was a church that was demolished shortly after the hospital when there were other buildings needing to be demolished, which leads many to believe that there is a conspiracy behind it (possibly because of the evil doctor wanting a good place to be near such an evil one?). There is a very dark and mysterious element to the four buildings in the woods. It is not understood why they are locked up still and untouched unlike all of the other buildings. Most believe that there is something sinister inside, like documentation of what happened inside the asylum.


The visitors of Dorea Asylum claim to feel the pain and suffering of what happened at the hospital, often feeling the energy of those who died there.


  • Dorea Asylum has been the featured post many times on Ghostly World due to its popularity.

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