Albertville Public Library
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Location Name Albertville Public Library
Location Albertville, Alabama
Category Library
Built c. 1900
Operating Time 1900 -
Status Open

Albertville Public Library opened in Albertville, Alabama circa 1900.

History Edit

Construction and Operation Edit

Before becoming a library, the site was a house that got demolished some time in the 1900s. What happened during its earlier operating years is unknown. The Albertville Public Library now has employees and volunteers.

Hauntings Edit

Despite no one ever died on the site, it is believed that the former owners of the home are the ghosts in the library, as they were mad at the people who tore it down to build it. The empoyees and volunteers have both claimed that the elevator will operate itself without anyone in it, and the water will turn on and off in an empty bathroom (with exception of the one person in there witnessing it). Most of the occurances happened in the morning.

Trivia Edit

  • The Albertville Public Library is currently liked by two people on the Ghostly World site.

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