Adam Lemp (born Johann Lemp in Gruningen, Germany, 1798) was part of the Lemp family, who built Lemp Mansion.

Biography Edit

Johann Lemp was born in Gruningen, Germany, and eventually became and American citizen in November, 1841, when his name was changed to Adam Lemp. In 1838, he moved to St. Louis, Missouri and began work as a grocer. After spending time at the job, he started his own store, A. Lemp & Co., located off of Sixth and Morgan. In 1840, he founded the Western Brewery. The business became extremely successful due to the rising German population, as he was among the first people in the U.S. to make German lager. By the 1860s, Adam Lemp had created fourty breweries in the caves along the Mississippi River.

Trivia Edit

  • Adam Lemp was among seven Lemp's to be considered part of the American Lemp family.